Nannies Inc. - Connecting Care Workers With Canadian Families (Application link At The End Of This Blog)


If you are a qualified nanny or caregiver looking for job opportunities in Canada, Nannies Inc. is here to assist you. Known for their excellent service and dedication to matching skilled professionals with families in need, Nannies Inc. also offers sponsorship opportunities, making it easier for you and your family to relocate to Canada. Let’s explore how Nannies Inc. can help you find the perfect job and support your move.

About Nannies Inc.

Nannies Inc. is a leading agency in Canada that specializes in connecting experienced nannies and caregivers with families seeking quality care. With a strong commitment to both their clients and candidates, Nannies Inc. has built a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and exceptional service.

Services Offered

1. Personalized Job Matching: Nannies Inc. takes pride in their personalized approach to job placement. They carefully assess your skills, experience, and preferences to ensure you are matched with a family that fits your profile and meets your expectations.

2. Sponsorship Assistance: Understanding the complexities of international relocation, Nannies Inc. provides extensive support with sponsorship processes. They assist with obtaining work permits and ensuring all necessary legal documentation is prepared for a smooth transition to Canada.

3. Ongoing Support: Nannies Inc. offers continuous support throughout your employment journey. From the initial application process to your integration into your new role and community, they are there to provide guidance and assistance whenever needed.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Online Application Begin your journey by visiting the Nannies Inc. website and filling out their online application form. Be thorough in detailing your experience and preferences to help them find the best match for you.

Step 2: Initial Consultation After reviewing your application, a Nannies Inc. representative will contact you for an initial consultation. This is your chance to discuss your career goals, ask questions, and understand the next steps in the process.

Step 3: Matching with Families Nannies Inc. will match you with families looking for your specific skills and experience. They will facilitate interviews and provide support to ensure you find the right fit.

Step 4: Sponsorship and Relocation Once a job offer is secured, Nannies Inc. will assist you with the sponsorship process, helping you obtain the necessary work permits and preparing for your move to Canada.


Nannies Inc. is dedicated to helping skilled nannies and caregivers find rewarding job opportunities in Canada while providing essential support for a smooth transition. With their personalized service and comprehensive assistance, you can achieve your professional goals and enjoy a new life in Canada. Visit Nannies Inc. today to start your journey!

Apply to be a Nanny/Caregiver with Nannies Inc.

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