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The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University is one of the most prestigious and sought-after scholarship opportunities in the world. This fully funded program is designed to attract and cultivate a multidisciplinary community of future global leaders. Established through a landmark gift from Nike co-founder Phil Knight and Stanford University, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program aims to develop a new generation of leaders who will tackle the world's most complex challenges. Here's everything you need to know about this transformative opportunity.

Financial Benefits: A Comprehensive Package

One of the standout features of the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program is its generous financial support, which ensures that scholars can fully immerse themselves in their academic and leadership pursuits without financial stress.

Key Financial Benefits:

  1. Full Funding: The scholarship covers tuition and associated fees, ensuring that scholars can focus on their studies and leadership development.
  2. Living Stipend: Scholars receive a substantial living stipend, which covers room and board, books, academic supplies, instructional materials, local transportation, and reasonable personal expenses.
  3. Travel Allowance: A separate annual travel grant is provided for scholars to cover the cost of an economy-class ticket to and from Stanford.
  4. Additional Funding: Potential supplemental funds are available for specific academic endeavors, such as conference presentations, travel for research, or special projects.

Program Structure: A Holistic Approach to Leadership

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program goes beyond traditional academic scholarships by offering a holistic development experience designed to prepare scholars for leadership roles across all sectors.

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Program Components:

  1. Multidisciplinary Education: Scholars are encouraged to pursue graduate studies in any of Stanford's seven schools, fostering an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving.
  2. Leadership Development: The program includes leadership training, workshops, and personal development opportunities, emphasizing ethical and inclusive leadership.
  3. Global Networking: Scholars join a vibrant, diverse community of peers from around the world, providing unparalleled networking opportunities and fostering cross-cultural collaboration.
  4. Mentorship and Coaching: Personalized mentorship and coaching help scholars navigate their academic journey and career planning, ensuring they are well-prepared for future leadership roles.

Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program seeks a diverse and talented pool of applicants. Prospective scholars should meet the following eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Academic Excellence: Applicants must have received, in January 2017 or later, a U.S. bachelor's degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution.
  2. Graduate Program Admission: Candidates must apply separately and be accepted to a full-time graduate degree program at Stanford.
  3. Leadership Potential: The program looks for individuals who demonstrate a commitment to leadership and a clear vision for making a positive impact on the world.
  4. Innovative Thinking: Ideal candidates are those who can think creatively and possess a track record of innovation in their chosen field.


The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program offers an unparalleled opportunity for future leaders to develop their skills, expand their networks, and make a significant impact on the world. With its comprehensive financial support, robust program structure, and commitment to fostering a diverse community of scholars, this program is a gateway to achieving both academic and professional excellence.

If you are ready to take the next step in your academic and leadership journey, explore the following resources to learn more about the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program and how to apply:

  1. Scholarship Home Page
  2. Online Application
  3. FAQ Page
  4. Book one-on-one session with Ammy

Embrace this unique opportunity to become a part of Stanford's visionary community of Knight-Hennessy Scholars and shape the future of global leadership.

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