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Are you a skilled caregiver or nanny looking for exciting job opportunities in Canada? Paragon Personnel is here to help you make that dream a reality. Specializing in matching caregivers and nannies with Canadian families, Paragon Personnel not only offers job placements but also provides sponsorship opportunities, making it easier for you to move to Canada with your loved ones. Let's dive into how Paragon Personnel can assist you in starting a new chapter in your professional and personal life.

About Paragon Personnel

Paragon Personnel is a reputable agency dedicated to connecting qualified caregivers and nannies with families in Canada. With years of experience in the industry, they have established a strong network and a deep understanding of the needs of both employers and employees. Their mission is to provide a seamless and supportive experience for those seeking employment and for families in need of reliable care.

Services Offered

1. Job Placement: Paragon Personnel excels in matching caregivers and nannies with suitable job opportunities across Canada. They ensure that your skills and preferences align with the needs of the families they work with, providing a harmonious and rewarding work environment.

2. Sponsorship Programs: One of the standout features of Paragon Personnel is their commitment to assisting candidates with sponsorship. This includes helping you navigate the complex process of obtaining a work permit and ensuring all necessary documentation is in place for a smooth transition to Canada.

3. Comprehensive Support: From initial consultations to ongoing support after job placement, Paragon Personnel is dedicated to your success. They provide guidance on everything from visa applications to settling into your new home, ensuring you and your family feel supported every step of the way.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Application Visit the Paragon Personnel website and complete their online application form. Make sure to provide detailed information about your experience, skills, and preferences to help them find the perfect match for you.

Step 2: Consultation Once your application is reviewed, a representative from Paragon Personnel will reach out to schedule a consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your goals, answer any questions you may have, and learn more about the process.

Step 3: Job Matching Paragon Personnel will match you with potential employers based on your qualifications and preferences. They will arrange interviews and provide support throughout the selection process.

Step 4: Sponsorship and Relocation Upon securing a job offer, Paragon Personnel will guide you through the sponsorship process, helping you obtain the necessary work permits and preparing you for your move to Canada.


Paragon Personnel is committed to helping caregivers and nannies achieve their goals of working in Canada while providing essential support for a smooth and successful transition. With their expertise and dedication, you can embark on a fulfilling career and a new life in Canada. Visit Paragon Personnel today to start your journey!

Application Form for Nanny Job

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