Canada has been the desired choice for international professionals for many years and this trend may likely remain for many years to come due to many benefits that these workers enjoy in Canada. 
According to the Government of Canada, in 2020, Canada admitted more than 400,000 temporary foreign workers. This includes workers in different categories such as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, International Mobility Program, and the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

The Government of Canada's Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website provides statistical data on the number of temporary workers admitted to Canada. According to the IRCC website, the following is the number of temporary foreign workers admitted to Canada from 2000 to 2019:

2000: 103,387
2005: 182,276
2010: 177,492
2015: 95,102
2016: 95,573
2017: 98,383
2018: 103,155
2019: 103,155

There are a lot of benefits available to foreign temporary workers in Canada. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Strong Economy: Canada has a very strong and stable economy that is consistently ranked among the top globally. This means that there are many opportunities for employment across the different sectors of the economy.

High Quality of Life: Canada is recognized for its high quality of life, with top notch healthcare, education, and social services. Additionally, Canada is a very safe and welcoming country with a diverse population and a strong sense of communal lifestyle.

Immigration-Friendly Policies: Canada has a global reputation for being one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants under different categories. The country's robust immigration pathways make it relatively easy for skilled workers to move to Canada and find gainful employment.

Good Work-Life Balance: Canada also has a great reputation for having a good work-life balance, with many companies offering very flexible work arrangements and generous vacation time.

Competitive Salaries: Salaries in Canada are generally competitive with those of other developed countries, and some specific industries in Canada offer particularly high salaries, such as technology and finance.

Overall, Canada remains a top choice as a country to live and work, with a strong economy, high quality of life, and welcoming culture. If you are considering a move to Canada, it is worth exploring the many job opportunities available and check out whether they are a good fit for you. Most professionals who immigrated to Canada as temporary workers have taken advantage of the many immigration programs to become permanent residents. Below, we will review some immigration pathways available for temporary workers.

Express Entry: This program is designed for skilled workers who wish to become permanent residents of Canada. To qualify for this pathway, you must meet the criteria for one of the federal economic immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, or Canadian Experience Class. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can create an Express Entry profile and receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): Provinces and territories in Canada also have their own PNP, which empowers them to nominate foreign workers who have the right skills and experience they need for permanent residence in Canada. To apply, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the specific PNP pathway you are interested in.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP): This program is designed for skilled workers who desire to live and work in any of the Atlantic provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador. To qualify, you must have a job offer from an employer in one of these provinces and meet the other program requirements.

Caregiver Program: This program is designed for professional caregivers who have the requisite work experience in Canada and wish to become permanent residents. To qualify, you must have worked in Canada as a caregiver for at least 2 years and meet the other specific eligibility criteria.

Quebec Experience Program: This program is specifically designed for foreign students and temporary workers in the province of Quebec who want to become permanent residents in that province. To qualify, you must have completed a program of study or have work experience in Quebec and meet the other program-specific criteria.

These are just a few of the existing immigration pathways available to temporary workers in Canada. It is important to note that each program has its own eligibility criteria and application process, so it is important to conduct a thorough check on the program(s) that best suit your qualifications and goals. Detailed information on these pathways can be found on the Canada Immigration website.

There are many licensed recruitment firms in Canada that provides opportunities for international qualified skilled workers looking to secure a job in Canada. This blog highlights one of the market leaders in the Canadian recruitment consultancy space.

Michael Page is one of the world's leading professional recruitment consultancies, and they specialize in the placement of candidates in permanent, contract, temporary and interim positions with different organizations around the world.

The Group has established presence in the Americas, UK, Continental Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. 
The business was established in Canada in 2005 when they opened their Toronto office. Their main role is to support employers and job seekers to facilitate a perfect match. This can be in the form of advising a global company on a candidate recruitment strategy to helping a job seekers land their dream job.

Within Canada, they focus on recruiting in the areas listed below:

Banking and financial services 
Digital and e-commerce
Engineering and manufacturing
Finance and accounting 
Human resources 
Information technology
Oil and gas 
Procurement and supply chain 
Property and construction

The organization has established a strong presence in many of the key sectors for professional recruitment globally and has positioned itself in certain other sectors, which provides the opportunity for future growth. Within its current main markets, Michael Page has also built a regional reputation, including France, the UK,  and Australia. Consequently, the Michael Page brand is among the most globally recognized brands in the professional recruitment space.

The main function of a recruitment consultancy outfit is to act as an intermediary, identifying and sourcing suitably qualified candidates on behalf of its clients. Candidates can be recruited either for permanent or contract positions (usually with a fixed term) or on a temporary basis. Within the greater recruitment industry, the market for professional recruitment services is a specialist sector which has experienced growth more recently. Michael Page is known widely as a leader in the development of this market around the world.

Michael Page platform is always updated with current vacancies. If you will like to explore the current opportunities in different job sectors, check out the links below:


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