Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) Fully Funded Scholarship For International Students

In the realm of academic pursuit, the quest for excellence knows no borders. It transcends geographical boundaries and embraces diverse talents from around the globe. Singapore, a beacon of innovation and education, opens its arms to scholars worldwide through the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) - a prestigious fully funded scholarship offering a gateway to cutting-edge research and academic excellence.

Embark on a journey with me as we explore the myriad opportunities that await aspiring scholars through the SINGA scholarship, with a special focus on two exceptional programs: the Research Attachment and the Fully Funded PhD Research Program.

SINGA Scholarship: An Overview:

The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) stands as a testament to Singapore's commitment to nurturing global talent and fostering groundbreaking research. Administered jointly by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the National University of Singapore (NUS), and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), SINGA offers fully funded scholarships to international students pursuing their PhD studies in Singapore's leading research institutions.

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The Research Attachment Program:

One of the hallmarks of the SINGA scholarship is its Research Attachment Program, which provides scholars with invaluable opportunities to collaborate with leading researchers and institutions worldwide. This program enables scholars to broaden their horizons, gain exposure to diverse research methodologies, and forge international networks that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

During the research attachment, scholars have the privilege of working alongside eminent researchers in their respective fields, gaining insights into cutting-edge research initiatives and contributing to groundbreaking discoveries. Whether it's a laboratory in Singapore, a research institute in Europe, or a university in the United States, the Research Attachment Program empowers scholars to immerse themselves in the global research ecosystem, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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Fully Funded PhD Research Program:

At the heart of the SINGA scholarship lies the Fully Funded PhD Research Program, offering scholars the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies in a diverse array of disciplines ranging from engineering and physical sciences to life sciences and humanities. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, world-class faculty, and a vibrant research community, scholars are empowered to embark on transformative research endeavors that push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

The fully funded aspect of the program alleviates financial constraints, allowing scholars to focus wholeheartedly on their research pursuits without the burden of tuition fees and living expenses. Moreover, scholars receive a competitive stipend throughout the duration of their PhD studies, enabling them to lead a comfortable lifestyle and concentrate on their academic and research endeavors.

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Applications Open to International Candidates:

One of the distinguishing features of the SINGA scholarship is its inclusivity, welcoming aspiring scholars from all corners of the globe. International candidates are encouraged to seize this unparalleled opportunity to pursue their PhD studies in Singapore, a dynamic hub of innovation and academic excellence.

The application process for the SINGA scholarship is streamlined and transparent, ensuring equal opportunities for all applicants. Prospective scholars are assessed based on their academic achievements, research potential, and passion for contributing to their respective fields. With a commitment to fostering diversity and excellence, SINGA aims to attract the brightest minds from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, enriching the research landscape in Singapore and beyond.


In conclusion, the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering aspiring scholars the chance to embark on a transformative academic journey in one of Asia's most vibrant research hubs. Through its Research Attachment Program and Fully Funded PhD Research Program, SINGA empowers scholars to pursue their research passions, collaborate with leading experts, and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries that shape the future of humanity.

As applications for the SINGA scholarship remain open to international candidates, now is the time to seize this unparalleled opportunity and embark on a journey of academic excellence and innovation in the heart of Singapore.

Join the ranks of global scholars who have found their academic home in Singapore through the SINGA scholarship, and together, let us illuminate the path towards a brighter, more enlightened future through the pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

SINGA Fully Funded Research Attachment Program

SINGA Fully Funded PhD Program


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