ISTA's Fully Funded Opportunities in Austria For International Students

Austria, known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and cultural heritage, is not just a destination for picturesque vacations. It's also a hotspot for academic and professional growth, offering fully funded opportunities through the International Science and Technology Academy (ISTA). Currently, ISTA has two exciting programs open for applications, each providing a gateway to a transformative experience: the Fully Funded Internship and the Fully Funded PhD Program.

1. Fully Funded Internship: Paving the Way to Professional Excellence

Application Deadline: 15th February 2024

Imagine honing your skills in a cutting-edge environment, surrounded by experts in your field. ISTA's Fully Funded Internship opens doors to just that. With the application deadline set for 15th February 2024, aspiring professionals have ample time to prepare their applications and embark on a journey of hands-on learning.

Key Features:

Monthly Stipends: Your dedication and hard work won't go unnoticed. ISTA ensures that interns receive monthly stipends, supporting them throughout the internship period.

Health Insurance: Your well-being is a top priority. ISTA covers health insurance, providing peace of mind as you delve into your professional development.

Travel Costs Covered: Say goodbye to financial worries about getting to your internship destination. ISTA takes care of your travel costs, ensuring a smooth transition to your new environment.

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Subsidized Accommodation: Comfortable living is essential for optimal performance. ISTA provides subsidized accommodation, allowing you to focus on your internship without stressing about housing costs.

Visa Application Support: Navigating bureaucratic processes can be challenging. ISTA offers support in the visa application process, making your transition to Austria hassle-free.

2. Fully Funded PhD Program: Elevating Your Academic Journey

Application Deadline: 8th January 2024

For those with a passion for research and an eagerness to contribute to cutting-edge discoveries, ISTA's Fully Funded PhD Program beckons. With the deadline for applications set on 8th January 2024, now is the time to seize this opportunity for academic excellence.

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Key Features:

Monthly Stipends: Pursue your research goals without financial constraints. ISTA provides monthly stipends to ensure that PhD candidates can focus on their studies and contribute meaningfully to their research fields.

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Health Insurance: A healthy researcher is a productive researcher. ISTA covers health insurance, prioritizing the well-being of its PhD candidates.

Travel Costs Covered: From attending conferences to research-related travel, ISTA has got you covered. Your travel costs are included in the program, facilitating your active participation in the global academic community.

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Subsidized Accommodation: Focus on your studies, not on rent. ISTA offers subsidized accommodation, creating a conducive environment for dedicated research and academic exploration.

Visa Application Support: Navigating administrative hurdles is simplified with ISTA's visa application support, ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself in your academic journey.

Apply Today: Your Journey Begins with ISTA

Whether you're looking to kickstart your professional career or delve into advanced research, ISTA's fully funded opportunities in Austria promise an enriching experience. Seize the chance to grow, learn, and contribute to the global knowledge landscape. Submit your applications before the deadlines, and unlock the doors to a future filled with academic and professional accomplishments. Your journey with ISTA awaits!

ISTA Fully Funded Internship Opportunity

ISTA Fully Funded PhD Programs

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