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In a recent announcement, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) unveiled a groundbreaking move to fast-track the processing of select visitor visas, setting the stage for a more streamlined entry for international attendees of major conferences and events in Canada. This significant development is part of the strategic immigration report titled "An Immigration System for Canada’s Future."

"Priority visa processing will be extended to individuals from around the world attending major conferences and events in Canada registered with IRCC," asserted the immigration department, marking a pivotal step towards fostering global connections on Canadian soil.

The comprehensive action plan, presented in collaboration with insights from consultations with various Canadian stakeholders, reflects Canada's commitment to adapting its immigration system to align with evolving economic and demographic needs.

IRCC’s Vision: Reducing Wait Times and Enhancing Service Standards

Within the overarching goal of creating "a more welcoming experience for newcomers," IRCC has outlined specific objectives in its action plan. One key focus is the expedited processing of visitor visas, particularly those sought for tourism, major conferences, and events.

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This move comes as part of a broader effort to enhance the overall immigration experience for those choosing Canada as their destination. By addressing wait times and service standards, the government aims to attract and integrate newcomers seamlessly into the Canadian fabric.

Continued Steps for Visitor Visa Applicants

This recent initiative is not an isolated effort. Earlier this year, in June, IRCC expanded its "partial visa exempt countries" list by adding 13 more nations, bringing the total to 67. This allows travelers from these countries to apply for an electronic travel authorization (eTA) instead of a traditional visitor visa. Notably, eTA applications are processed much faster, often within minutes, providing a more efficient pathway for eligible visitors.

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Visitor Visa Surge: A Growing Trend

While much attention is often directed towards permanent residence and long-term immigration, IRCC emphasizes the significance of temporary residents, including visitor visa applicants. Recent data reveals a substantial increase in visitor visa applications, with IRCC processing over 260,000 in November 2022 alone, compared to an average of 180,000 monthly applications in 2019.

This surge reflects a global desire to experience Canada, prompting IRCC to actively work on reducing backlogs and accelerating visitor visa processing times.

Seize the Opportunity in 2024: Free Events Await

Looking ahead, 2024 presents enticing opportunities for those considering a move to Canada. Two standout events, the International Investments Destinations Expo and the Canada International Property Show, both set for 2024, offer an ideal platform to explore what the country has to offer. These free events provide a unique chance to connect with experts, explore investment possibilities, and gain insights into the Canadian property market.

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Interested applicants can secure their spot at these events for free by following the links provided in this blog. As Canada opens its doors wider to the world, these events stand as perfect occasions to embark on a journey towards a new and promising chapter in the Great White North.

Apply to Attend The International Investment Destinations Expo 2024

Apply to Attend Canada International Property Show 2024

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