The United Kingdom has a growing demand for healthcare professionals to work in care homes. Many care homes across the country are currently facing a shortage of healthcare assistants and registered nurses. To address this issue, several care home companies are offering visa sponsorships to international applicants. In this blog, we will highlight seven care home companies in the UK that are in dire need of healthcare professionals. We will also provide links to their websites for interested applicants.

Priory Adult Care

Priory Adult Care is one of the UK's leading providers of healthcare services. They operate a wide range of care homes and are dedicated to providing high-quality care to their residents. With a variety of care settings, Priory Adult Care offers numerous opportunities for healthcare assistants and registered nurses.

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Endless Love Healthcare Services

Endless Love Healthcare Services is a rapidly growing healthcare company that specializes in providing quality care to seniors and individuals with complex health needs. They are actively seeking healthcare assistants and registered nurses to join their dedicated team.

Care UK

Care UK is a well-established healthcare provider in the UK, offering a range of services, including care homes and assisted living facilities. They are committed to providing exceptional care to their residents and are looking for healthcare professionals to join their team.

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Bupa is a global healthcare group that operates care homes throughout the UK. They are known for their dedication to quality care and are actively seeking healthcare assistants and registered nurses to provide the best possible support to their residents.

Safe Hands Professional Care

Safe Hands Professional Care is a company with a strong focus on person-centered care. They operate care homes in various locations and are committed to providing a safe and caring environment for their residents. They have open positions for healthcare professionals.

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Oxford Private Care

Oxford Private Care offers a range of care services, including residential care for the elderly. They are actively recruiting healthcare assistants and registered nurses who are passionate about delivering high-quality care and support to residents.

Care Touch Home Care

Care Touch Home Care provides a variety of home care services to individuals in need. They have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who make a positive impact on the lives of their clients. They are currently looking for more healthcare assistants and registered nurses to join their team.

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Visa Sponsorship for International Applicants

One of the appealing aspects of these care home companies is their willingness to offer visa sponsorship to international applicants. This presents a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals from around the world to come to the UK and contribute to the well-being of residents in need of care.


The shortage of healthcare assistants and registered nurses in UK care homes is a pressing issue. The seven care home companies mentioned in this blog – Priory Adult Care, Endless Love Healthcare Services, Care UK, Bupa, Safe Hands Professional Care, Oxford Private Care, and Care Touch Home Care – are actively seeking dedicated healthcare professionals to join their teams. If you are a healthcare assistant or registered nurse looking for a rewarding career in the UK, consider exploring the job opportunities at these companies. With their commitment to quality care and willingness to offer visa sponsorships, they provide an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Visit their respective websites to learn more about the positions available and start your journey towards a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Opportunities at Priory Adultcare

Opportunities at Care UK

Opportunities at Bupa

Opportunities at Safehands Professional Care

Opportunities at Endless Love Healthcare Services

Opportunities at Oxford Private Care


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  1. Am called Sardis Tessy, a Cameroonian. Have a degree in nursing and also a state registered nurse
    Am interested in working in the UK as a nurse practitioner

  2. I am called Akateh Anita Abung Abueh a cameroonian by nationality I am a state registered nurse graduated in 2020 I am interested in working as a nurse in the UK

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