Discover the vibrant province of Quebec with its world-class vocational training program, a remarkable initiative by the Government of Quebec. Not only does this program offer quality training and hands-on experience, but it also supports students financially through merit scholarships. Let's delve into the specifics of these scholarships, the eligibility criteria, benefits, and application timelines.

Quebec Vocational Training: The Pathway to Success

The vocational training program, available on the Quebec Metiers d'Avenir platform, is designed to equip students with the necessary practical skills to jumpstart their careers in various industries. It connects students with industries requiring specific expertise, serving as a launchpad for an impressive career trajectory.

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The Merit Scholarships: A Financial Boost

To supplement the vocational training program, the Government of Quebec offers merit scholarships to international students. It's a significant financial aid initiative to encourage participation and reduce the financial burden.

The scholarship value varies based on the level of study:

For students enrolled in a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS), the scholarship is CAD 14,000.

For students in an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS), the scholarship value rises to CAD 26,000.

Eligibility Criteria: Are You the Right Fit?

Like any scholarship, there are specific criteria you must meet to be eligible for Quebec's Merit Scholarships. The criteria include:

  • Not be a citizen of France or Canada. Priority will be given to applicants from member countries of the Francophonie (excluding France and its overseas departments and territories - DOM-TOM), and countries of the leading markets of Asia (China, India, Japan) and the Americas (Mexico, Brazil).

  • Not have Canadian citizenship or a Canadian permanent resident status or be in the process of obtaining the permanent residence status under the Canadian immigration laws.

  • Be outside of Canada at the time of submitting your application and up till the announcement of results.

  • Not be less than 18 years of age. There is no maximum age limit;

  • Not have been a beneficiary of a scholarship awards for studies of the same level as or higher than the DEP in Quebec. In addition, being awarded various scholarships within the same academic year is not allowed

  • Declare having the required financial capacity.

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Application Requirements

Prepare your application by ensure that you complete and attach the following documents to your application:

Application form, which includes :

1.Personnal informations;

Your motivations, interests and futur projects;

Detailed professionnal background;

Detail of your scholarships or prices received (maximum 2).

2. A copy of the identification page of your passport;

3. A copy of your birth certificate;

4. A copy of all diplomas that you have obtained, along with a copy of all transcripts*;

5. A copy of awards, honours or distinctions received (maximum 2);

6. A proof of your academic English proficiency results (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), or a proof of registration for such EXCEPT you have completed a higher education program of not less than 2-year duration in English language.

7. Reference forms completed by different people (maximum 2);

8. Details of your professional background, along with your CV.

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The Benefits: More than Financial Aid

While the financial aid provided by the merit scholarships is substantial, the benefits extend far beyond. The scholarships:

Enhance the affordability of quality education, especially for international students.

Motivate students to strive for excellence in their vocational studies.

Encourage active involvement in school activities and community service, thereby improving soft skills like leadership and teamwork.

Attract skilled individuals to Quebec, enriching the province's talent pool and workforce diversity.

Timeline for Application: A Crucial Aspect

Being aware of the application timeline is essential to benefit from this opportunity. Applications for merit scholarships usually open in the fall, and students are encouraged to apply early. Keep a close eye on the Quebec Metiers d'Avenir platform for updates and precise dates. It's advisable to prepare your documents and application well in advance to avoid last-minute hassle.

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In conclusion, Quebec's vocational training program, complemented by the generous merit scholarships, offers international students a unique opportunity to acquire professional skills and secure a promising future. Make the most of this opportunity by understanding the process, meeting the eligibility criteria, and applying on time. Remember, these scholarships are more than financial aid; they're a beacon of hope lighting the path to your career success.

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  1. Good day Army, please after filling the application form where do we submit it , is there any link or Email address to submit it to?

    1. Good day please can you tell us where to submit the form after filling all this pages ? and please next time try to give full information.

  2. Where are we submitting the form, you were never clear on that

    1. You have to register an online account in the scholarship platform, where all the other details will appear to you as needed information where you shall see other portals opening as soon as you finish a page and click continue those portals will help you on how you are to send the information.

    2. Complete applications must have been submitted online via Éducation internationale’s dedicated platform for scholarships

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