In today's highly competitive academic landscape, finding a university that offers a supportive environment and financial assistance is a game-changer. St. Louis University (SLU) stands tall as a beacon of higher education, committed to providing accessible education to a diverse student body. With a wide range of scholarships, flexible payment options, and a welcoming approach to international students, SLU has established itself as a leading institution that prioritizes affordability and inclusivity.

Financial Aid: Making Education Affordable

One of the standout features of St. Louis University is its dedication to making education accessible to all. In an era where rising tuition costs are a significant concern, SLU ensures that 90% of its students receive financial aid. This remarkable commitment to supporting students financially has a transformative impact on individuals and communities alike.

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With an average financial aid package valued at over $28,000, SLU enables students to pursue their academic aspirations without the burden of overwhelming debt. By reducing the financial strain on students, SLU fosters an environment where students can focus on their studies and personal growth, leading to greater success in their future endeavors.

Scholarship Opportunities: Fueling Excellence

Recognizing that each student possesses unique talents and aspirations, St. Louis University offers a multitude of scholarships to celebrate and encourage individual achievements. These scholarships cover a wide range of academic disciplines, extracurricular involvement, leadership qualities, and community service, creating ample opportunities for students to pursue their passions and excel.

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The scholarship programs at SLU empower students to unleash their potential and unlock opportunities that may have otherwise been out of reach. By rewarding academic excellence, innovation, and leadership, SLU not only encourages outstanding achievements but also cultivates a diverse and dynamic campus community.

Flexible Payment Options: Ease of Financial Planning

Understanding the financial challenges faced by many students and families, SLU offers flexible payment options, ensuring that finances do not become an obstacle to pursuing higher education. By allowing students to pay tuition fees in installments, SLU acknowledges the financial realities that students and their families may face.

This flexibility in payment options eases the burden of immediate financial strain and allows students to focus on their studies with peace of mind. It underscores SLU's commitment to creating an environment where financial concerns do not hinder a student's ability to thrive academically and personally.

International Student Support: A Global Community

St. Louis University embraces a global perspective and warmly welcomes international students from around the world. SLU understands that language proficiency can be a barrier for international students seeking to study in the United States. As a testament to its commitment to inclusivity, SLU does not require an English proficiency test for international students who have previously studied English.

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By eliminating the English proficiency requirement, SLU opens its doors to talented international students, providing them with an opportunity to pursue higher education without additional hurdles. This inclusive policy fosters a diverse and multicultural environment that enriches the educational experience for all students.

No Application Fee: Removing Barriers

St. Louis University believes in the transformative power of education and strives to remove barriers that may hinder students from applying. SLU stands out by waiving the undergraduate application fee, making the application process more accessible and equitable for all prospective students.

The elimination of the application fee aligns with SLU's mission to provide equal opportunities and encourages students from all backgrounds to apply without financial constraints. By eliminating this financial hurdle, SLU ensures that prospective students can fully explore their academic potential and find their rightful place within the SLU community.


St. Louis University's commitment to accessible education and empowering students is evident through its robust financial aid program, extensive scholarship opportunities, flexible payment options, inclusive policies for international students, and the elimination of the application fee. By prioritizing affordability and inclusivity, SLU opens doors for students to realize their academic aspirations, regardless of their financial background or geographic location.

SLU's dedication to fostering a diverse and supportive campus community ensures that students can thrive academically, personally, and professionally. As a shining example of an institution committed to empowering education, St. Louis University paves the way for students to embark on a transformative journey towards success and lifelong learning.

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