The Economic Mobility Pathways Initiative (EMPI) is a pioneering program designed to blend refugee resettlement with economic migration. It presents a viable avenue for refugees possessing professional skills to migrate to Canada using existing economic channels. Additionally, it opens up a fresh reservoir of talented candidates for employers looking to fill vacancies.

Two distinct modes are available for applications to the EMPI:

Regional EMPI: This entails application through one of the three chosen economic initiatives, namely, the Atlantic Immigration Program, Provincial Nominee Program, or the Rural and Northern Immigration Program (RNIP). To qualify, applicants must be eligible for one of the mentioned programs and make their initial application to a province, territory, or RNIP community based on the selected program.

Federal EMPI: This mode allows direct applications specifically for the EMPI. It is split into two streams, Job Offer and No Job Offer. Eligibility is based on fulfilling the prerequisites in work experience, education, and language proficiency.

Under the umbrella of the EMPI, several benefits are extended to applicants:

  • Waiver of application and biometric charges for the applicant and their dependents.

  • Expedited processing and review of applications, typically within six months.

  • Financing of medical examinations via the Interim Federal Health Program.

  • Access to the Immigration Loans Program (ILP) upon approval of the application, which aids with travel expenses, specific pre-arrival services from the International Organization for Migration, and the permanent residence fee.

  • The availability of the EMPI-specific Canadian Orientation Abroad Programme, facilitating easier acclimatization in Canada.

  • Applicants choosing the economic immigration route will also find the process streamlined and can utilize a loan to meet financial requirements for self and family sustenance in Canada.

Individuals can apply for the Economic Mobility Pathways Initiative either independently or with assistance from a non-governmental partner. Several partner organizations can aid applicants by connecting them with Canadian employers and preparing them for a job offer, which is followed by an application to the EMPI.

Partner organizations include:


Talent Beyond Boundaries

Jumpstart Refugee Talent


Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance

International Rescue Committee

World University Service of Canada

Applicants are required to submit proof of their current refugee status, which could include:

A positive Refugee Status Determination (RSD) from the UN Refugee Agency or a refugee-hosting nation.

Evidence of registration or recording as a person of concern by the UN Refugee Agency, if a positive RSD is not available.

A refugee certificate with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), or proof of being registered or recorded as a person of concern by the UNRWA if a refugee certificate is not yet secured.

Proof of temporary protected status and an assessment by an officer that no other durable solution is available.

In the absence of these documents, applicants can secure a "trusted partner referral letter" from a partner organization.

Certain partner organizations can provide a referral letter once they confirm that you meet the criteria of a convention refugee or country of asylum refugee. These partners include TalentLift, Talent Beyond Boundaries, and Jumpstart Refugee Talent. Other partner organizations can aid in the application process, but they are not authorized to issue trusted partner referral letters.

To apply for the federal EMPI based on work experience, education, and language skills, applicants only need to fill out one form, regardless of having a job offer or not.

For the regional EMPI application, applicants need to complete two forms: one for the economic immigration program of choice and another for the regional EMPI. If eligible, applications are submitted online via the permanent residence portal. If the portal cannot be used, applications can also be accepted via email.

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