Embarking on a journey to Denmark offers a remarkable blend of a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and world-class design and architecture. The Danish lifestyle, often synonymous with 'Hygge', offers a beautiful slow pace, a sense of coziness, and a spirit of community. One of the best ways to immerse oneself in this culture is by becoming a volunteer.

Volunteering in Denmark is a unique experience that enables you to contribute to the local community, learn the Danish way of life, and create meaningful connections. However, before packing your bags, there are some essential legalities to consider, such as obtaining a residence permit.

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Residence Permit for Volunteering in Denmark

As a non-EU citizen wishing to volunteer in Denmark, it's essential to apply for a residence permit. Remember, it's illegal to begin your voluntary work without a valid permit. This residence permit allows you to stay up to 18 months while working as a volunteer in Denmark. So, let's look at the necessary steps:

1. Applying: The application must be completed and submitted to the Danish Immigration Service. The forms can be found on the official government website (newtodenmark.dk). You must provide comprehensive details about your volunteering organization and your role.

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2. Fees: There is no processing fee for the application according to the information available on the platform.

3. Documentation: Submit necessary documents like passport, photographs, letter from the volunteer organization, proof of financial means to support your stay, health insurance, among others.

4. Processing time: The time taken to process the application may vary, typically taking a few months (3 months on the average). Thus, plan your volunteering journey accordingly.

Keep in mind, obtaining a residence permit doesn't guarantee access to the Danish welfare system. As a volunteer, you are responsible for your healthcare, and it is imperative to have comprehensive health insurance, especially if your volunteer experience will take less than 3 months.

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Now that we've covered the residence permit's process let's talk about finding volunteer opportunities. Two noteworthy platforms for this are Worldpackers and Frivilligjob.dk.


Worldpackers is an online platform connecting travelers with hosts across the globe offering volunteer opportunities. In Denmark, you can find a plethora of roles ranging from helping at a hostel, teaching a language, gardening, assisting in a bakery, to social work.

The platform offers a secure environment for volunteers, providing necessary details about the host, the role, working hours, and perks (like meals and accommodation). To get started, create a profile, browse through the opportunities, and apply for the ones that interest you. Worldpackers is a great way to find meaningful and exciting volunteer work.

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If you're looking for a platform focused solely on Denmark, Frivilligjob.dk is your go-to site. Managed by the Danish Volunteer Centre, it offers a wide array of volunteer jobs spanning different sectors.

Frivilligjob.dk provides detailed job descriptions, expectations, duration, and the benefits you can expect as a volunteer. The website is also helpful in offering insights about Danish volunteer culture, rules, and rights. Navigating through the portal, you can find opportunities that align with your interest and the skills you want to contribute.


Volunteering in Denmark offers an enriching experience beyond just exploring the picturesque country. It's about connecting with locals, understanding the culture, and making a difference. With a proper residence permit and platforms like Worldpackers and Frivilligjob.dk, you can plan an extraordinary volunteering journey in Denmark. It's time to embrace 'Hygge' and contribute to the Danish community!

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