Canada has established itself as a global hub for talent, attracting skilled professionals from around the world. One significant initiative contributing to this success is the Global Talent Stream (GTS). Introduced in 2017 as part of Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the GTS aims to expedite the hiring process for innovative and highly skilled workers. In this blog post, we will delve into the categories of the Global Talent Stream, with a particular focus on Category A and Category B. Additionally, we will explore the list of eligible occupations under Category B and highlight the numerous benefits that this stream offers.

Understanding the Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream is a two-category system designed to meet the urgent talent requirements of Canadian employers. Category A focuses on high-growth companies that have been referred to the GTS by one of the program's designated partners. Category B targets employers with specific talent needs in specific occupations listed by the government. Both categories offer expedited processing times, allowing Canadian companies to swiftly bring in international talent to fill critical skill gaps.

Category A: High-Growth Companies

Category A of the Global Talent Stream is tailored for high-growth companies that demonstrate a need for unique, specialized talent. These companies have been referred by one of the GTS's designated partners, including venture capital firms, business accelerators, and incubators recognized by the Canadian government. By leveraging these partnerships, Category A aims to identify companies with exceptional potential for growth and provide them with expedited access to top global talent.

Category B: Occupations in Demand

Category B of the Global Talent Stream focuses on occupations in demand that are crucial for Canada's economic growth. Under this category, the Canadian government has identified specific occupations that face shortages in the domestic labor market. By allowing skilled professionals in these occupations to enter the country swiftly, Canada can bridge the talent gap and maintain its position as an innovative and competitive nation.

List of Eligible Occupations under Category B

The following is a sample list of eligible occupations under Category B of the Global Talent Stream:

Computer Network Technicians

Database Analysts and Data Administrators

Software Engineers and Designers

Web Designers and Developers

Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers

University Professors and Lecturers (in specific fields)

Information Systems Analysts and Consultants

Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Architects and Landscape Architects

This is not an exhaustive list, as the Canadian government regularly updates the list based on evolving labor market demands. Prospective applicants should consult the official government sources for the most up-to-date information regarding eligible occupations under Category B.

Benefits of the Global Talent Stream

Expedited Processing Times: The Global Talent Stream offers expedited processing times, with applications typically processed within two weeks. This accelerated timeline enables Canadian employers to quickly secure top talent and address critical skill shortages without delays.

Work Permit Exemptions for Short-Term Assignments: Under the GTS, foreign workers entering Canada for short-term assignments (30 days or less within a 12-month period) are exempt from obtaining a work permit. This flexibility reduces administrative burdens for employers and facilitates seamless, efficient business operations.

Dedicated Service Channel: The GTS provides a dedicated service channel for Canadian employers, ensuring personalized support and guidance throughout the application process. Employers can seek assistance from the Global Talent Stream team to navigate complex immigration procedures, fostering a smooth and streamlined experience.

Mobility for Highly Skilled Workers: Once in Canada, highly skilled workers under the Global Talent Stream have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and build their careers. Moreover, the Canadian government offers pathways for skilled foreign workers to transition to permanent residency, thereby providing a stable and long-term future in the country.


The Global Talent Stream is a vital program that enables Canadian employers to recruit top talent quickly and effectively. With Category A targeting high-growth companies and Category B focusing on occupations in demand, this stream serves as a catalyst for economic growth, innovation, and competitiveness. The list of eligible occupations under Category B showcases the diverse range of professionals that Canada seeks to attract. Expedited processing times, work permit exemptions, dedicated service channels, and pathways to permanent residency are among the many benefits that make the Global Talent Stream an attractive option for skilled professionals worldwide. As Canada continues to foster an environment that embraces international talent, the Global Talent Stream stands as a gateway to fulfilling professional opportunities in one of the world's most welcoming and prosperous countries.

Please check out the Canadian government site for more information. The links are provided below.

Global talent stream details

Eligible occupations list under category B


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