Brașov is a city located in the central part of Romania, in the historical region of Transylvania. It is the 7th largest city in the country, with a population of around 253,000 people.

The city is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, which offer stunning views and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities. Brașov is also known for its medieval architecture, including the Black Church, a Gothic church dating back to the 14th century, and the Council Square, a large public square surrounded by colorful buildings and cafes.

Other popular tourist attractions in Brașov include the Brasov Fortress, the Rope Street, the Tampa Mountain, the Saint Nicholas Church, and the First Romanian School Museum.

Brașov is also a hub for winter sports enthusiasts, as it is located near popular ski resorts such as Poiana Brașov and Predeal. The city has a vibrant cultural scene, with numerous festivals and events throughout the year, including the Brasov International Film Festival & Market, the Brasov Jazz Festival, and the Medieval Festival of Brasov.


Transilvania University of Brașov is a public university located in Brașov, Romania. It was founded in 1948 and is currently one of the largest universities in the country, with over 25,000 students enrolled in various faculties and programs.

The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as engineering, economics, law, medicine, education, architecture, and more. It also has a number of research centers and institutes, and is known for its contributions to areas such as computer science, renewable energy, and materials science.

Transilvania University of Brașov is recognized as one of the top universities in Romania and Eastern Europe, and is actively involved in international cooperation and exchange programs.


The admission process at Transilvania University of Brașov varies depending on the program of study and the level of study (undergraduate or graduate). Generally, the admission process consists of the following steps:

Choose a program: Prospective students should select the program of study they wish to pursue and ensure that they meet the admission requirements for that program.

Application: Students should complete and submit an application to the university, either online or in person. The application usually requires personal information, academic records, and any other relevant documents (such as language proficiency tests or recommendation letters).

Entrance exam: Depending on the program of study, students may be required to take an entrance exam to assess their knowledge and skills in the relevant subject areas.

Interview: Some programs may require an interview to evaluate the student's motivation and suitability for the program.

Admission decision: The university will evaluate the student's application materials, exam results, and interview (if applicable) to make an admission decision. The admission decision may be based on a minimum grade point average (GPA), standardized test scores, or other factors.

Acceptance and registration: If accepted, students will need to accept their offer of admission and complete the registration process, which may include paying a registration fee and providing additional documentation.

It is important to note that the admission process and requirements can vary by program and level of study, so students should check the university's website or contact the admissions office for specific details.


Transilvania University of Brașov offers a range of opportunities for international students, including:

Study programs in English: The university offers several study programs in English at both the undergraduate and graduate level, including engineering, computer science, economics, and more. These programs are designed to accommodate international students who do not speak Romanian.

Exchange programs: Transilvania University of Brașov has partnerships with universities around the world, and offers exchange programs for students who wish to study abroad for a semester or a year.

Scholarship opportunities: The university offers scholarships to international students based on academic merit or financial need. The scholarships can cover tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses.

International student services: The university provides a range of support services for international students, including assistance with visa and immigration issues, accommodation, language classes, and cultural adaptation.

Research opportunities: International students can participate in research projects at Transilvania University of Brașov, which has numerous research centers and institutes in various fields.

Cultural activities: The university organizes cultural events and activities throughout the year, which offer opportunities for international students to learn about Romanian culture and to interact with other students.

Overall, Transilvania University of Brașov is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for international students, and offers numerous opportunities to help them succeed in their academic and personal goals.



Transilvania Academica Scholarship is designed as a competition for international students from non EU or non EEA countries.


To attract international students to study at Transilvania University

To form a group of “Ambassadors” of Transilvania University and thereby increase the international visibility of our institution


The applying candidates have to fill in the online application form as described in the Application File section below.


The scholarship is awarded for the full attendance of bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree studies to candidates accepted for studies at Transilvania University.

The students’ full passing of each academic year is the condition for the scholarship to be granted for the following year of study.


The scholarship covers:

tuition fees (including registration and graduation fees);

free accommodation in the university’s dormitories (including holidays);

a monthly allowance of 800 lei (approx. 170 USD, including holidays).

The travel expenses and the costs incurred by the visa for Romania will be covered by the candidate.


The application file includes the following documents (in .pdf format) to be uploaded in the online application form:

curriculum vitae, highlighting the candidate’s outstanding achievements;

motivation letter (maximum one page);

three letters of recommendation to support the candidate’s outstanding results.

The submission of all the documents in English is obligatory for the candidates’ admission to the competition. Incomplete files will be rejected. No document can be added to the file after the submission deadline.


An evaluation board whose members are appointed by the Rector of Transilvania University of Brasov will be in charge of the candidates’ selection.

The selection criterion is the quality of the documents submitted in the application file.

Calendar of the selection process:

20.02.2023 – 28.04.2023 – Candidates’ registration by filling in the online application form;

02.05.2023 – 26.05.2023 – Evaluation of application files;

29.05.2023 – 30.05.2023 – Approval of the list of selected candidates (including a pending list);

31.05.2023 – Announcing selected candidates via e-mail.

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